Future Acton

Digital Sessions with Future Triggers

Information of interest and high influence received from hearing is organized in the brain and creates new images and keywords. And these can lead to ideas in the creative realm.

Sensitivity Score and Position

For example, keywords from interviews are memorized and summarized in sentences as notes. Furthermore, by scoring sensitivity, the gap between the present and the future is measured and the position is grasped as a visual perception. It is very important to grasp the position of the theme as the sensibility at that time. Your surroundings at that time and Because information can change.
Enter your own sensitivity score and consider the difference from the AI's collective score. Memo is also a signal to the brain that urges you to organize. Discuss similar topics into notes, and you'll find new keywords that aren't visible in your sentences. It is a new thought work to realize from futurization and future image with your own image.

Expansion into creative business

In addition, future content from interviews such as podcasts is excellent not only for virtual space markets and thinking learning, but also for things with a narrative such as digital radio. In addition, podcast advertising is beginning to be used for deep communication of new brands and awareness of companies. It has also been reviewed as a tool for changing the viewpoint from visual dependence and efficiency bias due to past data. Shift from creative content stories to creative and spatial experience areas in the invisible arena such as culture, art design, time travel, scenarios, prototypes, visions, and foresight strategies.